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10 December 2011 @ 06:47 pm
Belmont Park  

belmontpark set out to ask our players who they're looking for here. In seconds they'd included a good number of characters that are recently available, as well as quite a few we've never met. Check us out!

Characters requested by our players are listed below:

Cassadee Pope
Demi Lovato
Vinny Vegas
Lisa Ruocco
Kara Diakoulas
Lights Poxleitner
Jordan Witzigreuter
Travie Mccoy
John O'Callaghan
Sierra Kusterbeck
Blake Harnage
Charlavail Effron
Nat Motte
Cameron Leahy
Brendon Urie
Jepha Howard
Bert McCracken
Quinn Allman
Zacky Baker
Matt Rubano
Brian Schechter
Bob Bryar
Ray Toro
Alicia Simmons
Sarah Lewitinn (Ultragrrrl)
James Dewees
Selena Gomez
Molly Torres
Malese Jow
Taylor York
Jeremy Davis
Vanessa Hudgens
Johnny Three Tears (George Ragan)
J-Dog (Jorel Decker)
Danny Murillo
Da Kurlzz (Matthew St.Claire)
Funny Man (Dylan Alverez)
Johnny Christ
Arin Illejay
Jerry Horton
Tobin Esperance
Tony Palermo
Kesha Sebert
Alexa Chung
Keltie Colleen
Miles Kane
Jack White
Andrew Vanwyngarden
Patrick Stump
Spencer Smith

Many more! Don't see your kid here? Check out our taken list and peek to see if they're availble.

Specifically Requested Lines

Gerard would love a frienemy line with a Bert McCracken. Frank Iero gets dibs on you too. If you're interested you can comment here and we'll pass your contact info along to the Gerard player.

Frank would love any enemy lines. Females, males, older, younger, more dominant or less. I'd love him to be pushed around some, but I'd also love someone who just gets under his skin and makes him want to explode on them. Contact zommbiero

Fem players! Katy Perry is looking for you. Any lady. If you're interested you can comment here and we'll pass your contact info along to the player.

Alex Gaskarth would like to see some hometown friends/girls Alex to pick on. We have all of all time low + Matt Flyzik, but we'd love to see some more crew as well, if they're played. More info here.

Sunny would love Sierra K, BFran, Vail, Mama Snakey.Also, the guys from We Came as Romans and Asking Alexandria. find out more here

Adam wants John Nolan or any other past members of TBS for good times. If interested, find out more here

Music scene. All Time Low has played a few shows. Frank Iero is looking for a band. Members to come in and form bands, play, maybe set up shows and scenes with the kids already doing it would be great.